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Artist and digital noodler

Minecraft Map Producer

 Director @WanderinWizards & @WizardandWyld

Wizard Keen from Wonder Quest

The Common People

Exploring the power of play and story

I've been making MInecraft and Digital art and stories for the last 10 years...

YouTube, Books & Talks

I have always loved making online videos and started my own youtube channel to make tutorials and stories using Minecraft and other video games. That's where I met Stampy and we collaborated on his Minecraft Education show Wonder Quest - I played the bumbling yet fiercely intelligent Wizard Keen. I have done many talks about Minecraft being used in Museums and education and the power of play to engage people in new ideas and learning. My wife Victoria Bennett and I have also written many essays and a book about Minecraft, all of which you can find more information below...

Minecraft Maps

Creating voxel magic

Minecraft is a creative place to make your ideas come to life. I love the medium of Minecraft and to be able to tell a story with blocks! I have been both a Minecraft producer and a Map builder. A Minecraft producer is someone who has the original idea and brings a group of builders and command_block specialists together to create a complete Minecraft map. A producer deals with the financing of the project and direction and vision of it. Maps often start on paper, scribbled around the kitchen table or dreamed up while walking the hills. My other role is that of a builder creator when after sketching out an idea, I start work on building the map from scratch. I use a range of techniques and tools, it's not all hand-built! Maths and art combine to make these maps so enjoyable!


That's why I love Minecraft

by Tony Walsh

Illustrated by Adam Clarke

Unofficial Minecraft Life Hacks Lab for Kids:

By Adam Clarke

and Victoria Bennett


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