The Body v2png.png

Image one

The Body V2 - 2013

The Body is a Minecraft creation made from medical data from the Visible Human Project: 


Image TWO

Horsehead - 2016

This Minecraft horsehead was created from Museum scanned archive data and recreated in Minecraft for the Liverpool biennial project "Minecraft Infinity"

compass AR.PNG


Compass - 2018

Augmented Reality work in Orkney - using a handheld AR device, I drew arm circles to create human-scale marks into the Orcadian landscape, responding to physical spaces and moments.

Image four

Untitled 42 - 2019

A self-portrait traced a 3D drawing made in virtual reality.

Image five

Traced Bodies - 2019

Augmented reality traced body form at Silverdale beach - part of an ongoing project: Trace


Image SIX

Playing with Dreams - 2019

Loose experimental image making using the Video game Dreams by Media Molecule: